Happy Homes: Georgie

9 May

If there was a story that could touch your heart, it would be Georgie’s story.

Picture 122

Like many of the dogs that come to us, she was unfortunately an abuse case.  After being rescued by a local Tennessee shelter, Georgie spent some time in foster care before making her way to Eleventh Hour Rescue, here in New Jersey.

But her troubles ended when she met her new mom, Patricia.

Picture 121

Patricia had heard about Eleventh Hour through a friend and after loosing a dog a few years back, was growing lonely and was thinking about adopting a new companion.  Patricia was planning to go to an adoption event when she read about Georgie on Eleventh Hour’s website and was instantly touched by her.  It was puppy love at first sight when Patricia saw Georgie online, and Georgie’s touching background grabbed at her heart.

Three months later Georgie is well at home with Patricia.  Described as loving anything that squeaks, we know that Georgie has plenty of toys to play with.  “She can be a little shy at first”, noted Patricia, “but she’s getting better and liking people even more.”


Patricia commented that “the nicest thing is to come home to a friend.  She acts as if she’s amazed that I came home each time, and I want to reassure her that I’m coming home”.


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