The Beautiful Imperfections of Honey

30 May

In early November 2012, I received a phone call from the Mount Olive Pet Smart Adoption Center. I had just recently fostered an animal and found his forever home, yet gave in almost immediately to foster again. A girl from Pet Smart informed me that there was a female hound mix that was underweight, not eating, extremely depressed, and experiencing a skin issue. I told her that I would come and see the dog, but could not promise her anything else. I only had experience fostering smaller dogs in the past, and questioned my ability to handle one of her size. After one look at the sad girl that was given the name Gonzales Girl by others, I knew it was time for me to take her home and fix her up.


At home, she continued in her state of depression and was incapable of acknowledging any of the attention that she was given. She only weighed about 42 pounds when at her age she was expected to weigh at least 60. Although her current state at the time was fairly poor, she reacted fine to my dog and two cats. Her poor skin condition and the fact that she was already about 6-8 years old lessened her chances of adoption. My first tackle at her skin problems was a bath lavished in oatmeal shampoo and conditioner to soothe her itchy skin. Also, I changed her food to a grain free diet but unfortunately the itching still continued. The vets determined the cause of her itchy skin to be a yeast problem. Unknowingly, the oatmeal wash I believed to be helping the issue was making her skin worse.

After the yeast problem was controlled and she was fed a good quality grain free diet, things starting looking up for Gonzales Girl who I eventually renamed Honey. Why? Because she finally came out of her shell. She began playing with my little Dixie dog, ate her whole meals, and you could see life re-entering her eyes. One night I put her on my bed to sleep and she slept there every night there after.

Once the seventh week reached, Honey was a new and improved dog! She was well behaved, full of love and life, and her skin issue had been resolved. I took her to her first adoption event and spoke with a woman that had adopted a puppy with us two years earlier. She said that she wanted an older companion for her dog that would help to calm her down. I gave her my contact information in hopes of her calling. After leaving the event, I brought Honey to her new and forever home. She arrived in her beautiful home three days before Christmas. I was immediately brought to tears on Christmas morning after receiving a picture of her and her new sister relaxing on the couch. This is one of the many reasons why I foster these wonderful animals that are neglected and left behind.


-Geneva Soule

If you are interested in fostering, please fill out a foster application at


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