Daisy’s Sweet Disposition – The Love of a Senior Dog

1 Jul

Many people find themselves unwilling to adopt “senior” dogs because they fear that the time spent with their new best friend will be closer to reaching its painful end. This is true in most cases, but what most people do not recognize are all the reasons why adopting older dogs is so important for the dog and the owner.

Here is a story that may alter your perception of elderly dogs and encourage you to adopt them more willingly:

Jill, a professional dog trainer who has been with Eleventh Hour Rescue since 2004, has been one to look past age as a factor in determining what dog fit her and her husband best. Three years ago, there were 11 dogs that were rescued from a hoarding/neglect situation in Georgia. An e-mail was sent to Eleventh Hour Rescue asking them if it would be okay to take in Daisy, a 7-8 year old dog who they considered to be the “least adoptable” due to her age. Of course, this didn’t prevent Eleventh Hour Rescue from taking in the “senior of the group.” Jill offered to foster one of the dogs, but was asked by her foster coordinator to take in Daisy. The night she picked up Daisy, she found her extremely shaken up by the process of her transport. Although she had that initial disposition, Daisy leaned into Jill and her husband Mark for affection.

It was interesting that this was Daisy’s reaction after hearing what she had previously been through. She had surgery for inverted eye lashes from scratching, food aggression, and was filthy with an awful stench. On top of those issues, her puppies were aborted due to emaciation. Jill and Mark knew that they had a lot of work coming their way. They started with an immediate scrub down, followed by a good meal and this comfort made her feel right at home.

The temperament of Daisy was unbelievable and unexpected after her previous harsh and very poor living conditions. She amazed Jill and Mark with her wonderful spirit and love for pretty much all things besides of course, cats and squirrels. When Jill asked her husband what he wanted for his 50th birthday, he said he wanted Daisy because he was in awe of her disposition. From that day on, the least adoptable dog turned out to be the love of the household.

Jill always asks herself why she never adopted a senior dog after her experience living with Daisy.

“If you have never loved a senior, you don’t know what you’re missing. Daisy taught us that no matter what has happened in the past, you can choose to embrace the good things given and love unconditionally. And love her we do!” –Jill Makoujy

The senior dogs at Eleventh Hour Rescue need homes just as badly as younger dogs. They make for instant companions and are not necessarily the “problem dogs” as many tend to think. The act of adopting may even save their life and help them know that they are loved.

If you would could picture yourself with one of our “seniors,” please check out www.ehrdogs.org for more information on adopting or fostering.


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